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Our customers have given us a 4.5 star rating on Capterra

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"Teach 'n Go removes the frustration of managing hundreds of students daily. It's an elegant way to ensure your training business runs smoothly."

Andre, Spain

"We're extremely thrilled to have found Teach 'n Go. It helps keep us organized, and allows us to better focus on other areas of our business. Terrific work!"

Akis, Cyprus

"I can only describe the support from you guys as phenomenal. It's as if I'm your only customer. No wonder they call you heroes!"

Christopher, Oakland, USA

"It has helped me with managing my school, teachers, parents, payments, lessons and it has improved my relationship with the costumers. I can also text parents, email them through the software and leave them notes for each lesson and document the lessons and homework. It has also offered a behaviour management system that students have instant access to and allows my teachers to have control of their lessons."

Evaggelia, Cyprus

"The thing I like most about the software is that I can use it anywhere at anytime. My stedents love the reward system and they can find my notes, attachments and links easily. I can also communicate with parents at anytime by sending them an email or SMS."


"The ease of the system is great. I find the whole integration of buttons with the interface to provide a great experience for student and teacher alike."


"I love how the people at Teach n Go listen to my feedback and then add features which are even better than what I had initially thought of."


"Up to now it was very good and helpful , both for me the administrator of the school but also for the teachers and students."


My work has never been stronger thanks to Teach 'n Go streamlining my workflow. I love the timeline view which shows my lessons every day right on the dashboard, so all I do is log in and I'm ready.


"Teach n Go allows me as a coach to keep with what is going on with my players in the classroom and their discipline record. It is easy to use and it is a powerful tool to have at my disposal. It allows me to already have lesson plans made up for future classes. I also allows me as teacher and coach to interact with my kids and players."


"Very user friendly, robust and complete"


"It's useful for parents and teachers and user-friendly"


"It stores all of our student data and allows us to clearly organise my business."