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What makes our school management software unique?


Our modern school management software is intuitive, easy to learn and navigate, and some say even enjoyable to use!


Our student information system supports 20 languages, including Spanish, French, and Arabic so everyone can use it comfortably.


Access Teach 'n Go from any device, anywhere and anytime with our mobile app that's available for your entire school community.


Our student information system fits all school types and sizes with customizable settings to meet your schools needs.

Teach 'n Go is a comprehensive learning management system that:

  • Keeps students in the loop.
  • Motivates students to stay on track with their lessons.
  • Allows schools to say goodbye to complicated Excel spreadsheets.
  • Empowers school teachers to educate and schedule lessons more efficiently.
Teach_n_Go-Website-Available in multiple languages

Available in Multiple Languages

  • Our college management software is available in 20 different languages.
  • Foreign students can easily use Teach 'n Go without worrying about language barriers.
  • This feature is unique to Teach 'n Go and can't be found on other platforms.
Teach_n_Go-Website-Easy college management

Simplified College Management

  • Everything you need to manage your college and students in one convenient place.
  • Teach 'n Go makes administrative processes, student enrollment, scheduling, payments and attendance management a breeze.
Teach_n_Go-Website-Always know what_s going on

Always Know What's Going on at Your Educational Institutions

  • Keep track of student attendance, monitor lesson activities, manage cash flow and collect payments with Teach 'n Go.
  • Easily see who's teaching, who's missing and who owes you money.
  • Teach 'n Go is cloud-based so you can access our college management software from anywhere in the world.
Teach_n_Go-Website-Be more efficient than ever before

Be More Efficient than Ever Before

  • Help teachers minimize tedious administrative tasks.
  • Automate daily processes that slow your staff and students down.
  • Software solutions like Teach 'n Go allow you to say goodbye to time-consuming daily tasks.

How It Works

Teach 'n Go is a cloud-based college management software solution capable of revolutionizing the way you manage various aspects of your educational institutions, from student management, campus management, and class and course management to the complete management of your college administration and finances.

It includes all the necessary tools and features that enable you to arrange conflict-free scheduling, automate attendance, update students' marks with a click, facilitate and manage online payments, and manage your college's inventory, facilities, and visitors.

All the data is aggregated and processed within the cloud-based platform, granting you the ability to make data-driven, informed decisions that would benefit the school and the students, organize various college events and activities, and eliminate the hassle associated with manual data entry and management.

Teach 'n Go also allows you to streamline communications between students and teachers or other staff members, communicate various announcements, and provide student progress and report cards via SMS, email, or web access, eliminating any miscommunication between everyone involved.

Teach 'n Go also integrates with other software used for online curricula, such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom, allowing teachers to conduct online classes through the ERP software. The platform's automation features generally enhance efficiency, which reduces a college's operational costs.

Given that Teach 'n Go is a cloud-based software solution with exceptional data processing capabilities, it effectively eliminates the need to spend time on manual data entry and paperwork management.

This reduces the workforce needed for routine duties and tasks that are easily automated, allowing you to allocate the funds and workforce to tasks and items that would promote student learning and the growth of your educational facility.

One of the best features associated with Teach' n Go is its customization options, which allow you to add your own branding and custom URLs, making your college platform page look more professional. You can also add branding for separate branches of your school, making central management between branches a breeze.

Bridging the Gap Between Teachers & Students

Teach_n_Go-Website-Keep everyone engaged

Keep Everyone Engaged

  • Students have 24/7 access to timetables and course material for better examination management.
  • Students have a portal to keep them up to date with all their information.
  • Teach 'n Go's group messaging feature allows students to reach teachers for any questions, any time.
  • Teachers and students can upload homework or other documents through the portal.
Teach_n_Go-Website-Make sure everyone is on the same page

Make Sure Everyone Is on the Same Page

  • Students have an overview of outstanding online fees payment and receipts from the student portal.
  • Higher education institutions can send customized notifications to keep students up to date.

College Management Software FAQ

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about our college management software:

What is a college management system?

College management system software refers to cloud-based ERP software solutions that are specifically designed to help you manage every aspect of running an educational institution, from class scheduling, education management, admission management, and campus management to keeping track of student data, records and college administration.

College ERP software solutions such as Teach 'n Go can help you save on cost, streamline administrative processes, track financial transactions or exam management, simplify student registration and student admission, enhance the overall learning experience, and organize college events.

What are some features of college management software?

Teach 'n Go college management system is a fully integrated cloud-based solution that ensures the needs of educational institutions are met.

It features a user-friendly interface, powerful class and course scheduling modules, lesson management, communication capabilities aimed at notifying and alarming students and professional support.

One of the most prominent features includes comprehensive but easy payment management and comprehensive data management, such as organized data tables, people profiles, log notes, data filters, student history, and data backup.

What are the benefits of Teach 'n Go for college management?

Teach 'n Go offers a wide range of benefits to educational institutions, including improved efficiency and productivity through automation, as well as automated data aggregation and processing, which allow for faster, data-based decision-making and more efficient workflow.

The software solution also bridges the communication gap between college administration and the students, which keeps the students in the loop, allows for teacher notes storage, and facilitates the storage of student-related data, such as attendance, class management, student performance, and student progress.

Education ERP systems also allow you to keep track of all your data from a single platform, allowing you to make more informed administrative decisions that would benefit the students, the staff, and the college.

The full scope of benefits doesn't end there; Teach 'n Go provides improved billing and finance management, sophisticated report generation, better learning outcomes, and improved class scheduling.

Is the software user-friendly?

Teach 'n Go is an extremely user-friendly college management ERP solution that features a clean, modern, intuitive, and easy-to-learn interface to facilitate the easier use of its functionalities. It relies on a user-friendly, clean-looking dashboard that provides a complete, centralized overview of all the aspects of your college management in real time.

The solution is completely cloud-based, which allows you to access the college management software from any device with an internet connection. Teach 'n Go also comes with an easy-to-use app available on both iOS and Android platforms, which makes your college management even easier and more convenient.

Is customer support included?

At Teach 'n Go, we want to ensure that you get assistance whenever you need it, which is why we offer various support methods. Our continuously updated Help Center contains many helpful articles about the software solution's key features, common questions, and advice.

We also provide 24/7 online support, which is easily accessible via the button found in the right-hand corner of the Teach 'n Go software solution. It opens an Intercom chat that allows you to send us a message, and we'll quickly respond to your inquiries with the solution to the problem you might be experiencing.

We also support our clients through onboarding support to help with the transition from your old management system to Teach n' Go. We also offer private demonstrations to potential clients and existing customers so that you and your administrative team can experience the effectiveness of Teach 'n Go first-hand.

Can the software handle different payment methods?

Teach 'n Go supports several different payment options. It features seamless Stripe integrations and handles all the transaction details for you, allowing you to focus more on running and growing your college.

Additionally, you can easily set your payment system to receive payments from multiple providers, such as PayPal or credit cards, which saves time you would otherwise spend on recording and managing manual payments, which is often time-consuming and tedious.

On top of offering support for several different payment processing providers, our platform also comes with comprehensive financial management capabilities that streamline your financial management processes.

This includes fee management and fee collection, setting the prices of your tuition, handling additional fees, and setting discounts from within the platform. You can also completely automate billing, which eliminates the hassle of manually tracking how much each student owes in tuition payments.

Inspiring School Success Stories

At Teach 'n Go, we believe in empowering educational institutions to achieve their goals and improve their business with our powerful school management software.

But don't just take our word for it - hear it from our satisfied schools that have streamlined their operations and improve their productivity!


Recovery College Greenwich enjoys better communication & reporting


Rocketstars Academy finally finds the software that works for them

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Diagonal English streamlines their communication and saves tons of time


YELS enjoys easier payment collection & improved communication


Sava Online School enjoys efficient school management & reporting


Keaes Academics streamlines internal admin & enjoys better oversight

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Language school improves its communication and efficiency


WeDo simplifies internal admin & gains greater oversight


SLC streamlines its processes & saves hours of time

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