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Adam Bartunek, Learning & Development Manager
Hemmersbach, Poland

At Hemmersbach, we use Teach ‘n Go to facilitate the organization of our Online English Course. The course is conducted with the use of web conferencing tools and is available to our internal employees. Our teachers use it not only to check and track attendance of the participants, but also for everyday contact with them. It is extremely important to us to make sure that our teachers and students can be in touch on daily basis – especially now, when Home Office became a more common practice.

With the help of Teach ‘n Go, our teachers upload worksheets and notes for the participants in so that everybody has access to what was covered during classes and has the possibility to revise the materials at any later date. That is especially important for those who were absent e.g. due to being on sick leave.

From the organizational standpoint, Teach ‘n Go enables us to control the groups, its participants and vacancies. We have a quick access to the schedule and general overview of the groups. Our teachers also emphasize that they appreciate ‘class not conducted’ function. It helps to keep everything well-organized.

One of the most attractive parts that our whole company can benefit from is the possibility to download reports using API. Thanks to this function, we can upload the data directly into our data warehouse and then into our Power BI reports. As a result, each supervisor can check their employees’ attendance in the course and see whether he or she actually spends the scheduled time on learning. Since there are many people on our waiting list, such reports easily show us who attends the course regularly and who is not and we can better determine people’s motivation.

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