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We focused on what schools and training businesses need, and left out all the clutter and complexity.

Teach n Go

Always know what’s going on

See exactly what’s happening in your training business at any time. You’ll know who's teaching, who's present and who owes fees.



Get a quick overview of upcoming lessons and view accurate, up-to-date lesson records from all of your teachers in real-time.


Powerful Scheduling

Schedule lessons on custom or recurring days, assign a teacher, location and students and you're done.



Take registers and view attendance history for individuals or classes. Hand out a printer friendly version for your teachers to use.


Custom Reports

Easily see everything you need to know about a course, location, instructor, student, attendance, behavior, and pricing.

Engage students and parents

Strengthen your relationship with students and keep parents updated with a dedicated portal and automated email and sms notifications.


Parent Portal

Give parents access to their child’s up-to-date schedule, attendance and behavior.

File attachments

Course Material

Students can view lesson notes and download course material uploaded by the teacher.

Email and SMS

Email & SMS

Send custom or automated notifications letting parents know about attendance, behaviour and payments.

Behavior (or Behaivour or whatever)

Praise Behavior

Award Gold Stars to praise your students' positive behavior, while Red Flags suggest areas which need working on.

Price Your Courses and Keep Track of Sales

Define prices for your courses and set custom fees. Teach 'n Go will monitor everything and notify you about outstanding amounts.


Automagical Billing

Set a course price, additional fees, and you're done. You'll always have a clear overview of what has been paid and what has not.

Combined invoices

Combined Payments

You can combine students of the same family or company on one invoice, and then print or send it by email.

Online Payments

Online Payments

Allow parents and customers to pay their fees directly to your account through PayPal or credit card.

Beautiful invoices

Beautiful Invoices

Create incredibly beautiful invoices which you save, print or send by email. You'll look more professional than ever.

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