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Keeping your school organized has never been easier with Teach 'n Go's student information management system.

With our school management software, you can easily store and manage data for student records, teachers, lessons and much more.

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Say Goodbye To Excel Forever

Say Goodbye to Excel Forever

  • At Teach 'n Go, we know that Excel is not designed to manage a school's complex processes
  • Avoid disorganized data with our all-in-one school management software
  • Teach 'n Go allows you to always know what's going on in your school, as well as easily manage students and teachers
Easy to Navigate Software

Organize Your School's Data

  • Store school and student data in easy-to-read tables
  • Easily see which classrooms are being used each day
  • Say goodbye to your outdated general ledger and enjoy easier management of your school
Simplified Pricing

Store Detailed People Profiles

  • Create comprehensive profiles for your school's students, teachers and parents
  • Our student database stores basic information such as contact details, addresses, payment methods, and more!
  • Store and view data in Teach 'n Go's student management system any time
Online Calendar

Log Notes Efficiently

  • Keep notes on your school's classes, students, teachers, parents and prospects.
  • Teach 'n Go's student information system categorizes notes to make them easily accessible
  • Hover over a course to see scheduling details in real-time
  • Students and parents can access a personal calendar to see their scheduled classes and upcoming appointments
Easily Add Attachments

Easily Add Attachments

  • Keep relevant attachments for student attendance, teacher scheduling and lesson management
  • Access attachments from anywhere, at any time
Detailed User Permissions

Manage Detailed User Permissions

  • A host of permissions can be set for teachers, staff, students and related contacts
  • Teach 'n Go's data system allows you to give anyone as much or as little access as needed
Generate Granular Reports

Generate Reports

  • Create several helpful reports to gather valuable information and insights
  • From student progress to attendance and payment management, the possibilities are endless!
Manage Detailed User Permissions

Manage Detailed User Permissions

  • Easily keep track of prospective students and enrollment updates
  • Our student records system allows you to quickly convert them to learners when they join your school

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