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At Teach 'n Go, we know that storing and managing class attendance can be a headache. Luckily, there's an easier way to run school operations.

Our student information system makes it easy for your teachers to record attendance, generate reports and save time on tedious administrative tasks.

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Move Away From Complicated Spreadsheets

Move Away from Complex Spreadsheets

  • Say goodbye to complicated, never-ending Excel spreadsheets
  • Our powerful school management system helps you keep attendance information organized
  • Save your team from painfully counting Excel lines with Teach 'n Go's efficient school attendance software
Easily Take Attendance For the Whole Class

Easily Take Attendance for the Whole Class

  • Teachers can take student attendance in just a few clicks
  • Gain a quick overview of class attendance from our real-time dashboard
  • Avoid inaccurate or incomplete attendance records with Teach 'n Go
Generate Detailed Attendance Reports

Generate Detailed Attendance Reports

  • Teach 'n Go allows schools to create comprehensive attendance reports
  • Report on student attendance data for any class or student, for any period of time
  • Easily download and share attendance information with parents, governors or your school's board
Manage Attendance From a Phone

Manage Attendance from a Phone or Tablet

  • Teachers can easily track attendance from Teach 'n Go's mobile app
  • Coaches and teachers can manage student safety and attendance tracking on the go
  • Allow students to track their participation from Teach 'n Go's mobile app
View and Report on Each Individual Students’ Attendance

View and Report on Each Individual Student's Attendance

  • View every student's attendance for each of their lessons
  • Keep parents in the loop and involved in their children's education with our world-class attendance tracking software

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