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Easy to Navigate Software

Easy-to-Navigate Software

  • Schedule classes in just a few clicks
  • Help teachers save time on administrative tasks
  • Easily select the classroom, group of students or teacher for each lesson
  • Customize school lessons on recurring days
Easy to Navigate Software

Real-Time Dashboards

  • Gain a quick overview of upcoming lessons for all of your teachers
  • Easily see which classrooms are being used each day
  • Teachers can see their day at a glance to schedule their lessons and free time more effectively
Simplified Pricing

Simplified Pricing

  • Easily set pricing models for each lesson
  • Teach 'n Go allows you to assign hourly, monthly or custom fees to group classes
  • Pricing methods and payment dates will automatically be added to the student's profiles
Online Calendar

Online Calendar

  • Access your school's calendar on desktop and mobile devices
  • Teachers can easily see all of their daily, weekly and monthly lessons in real-time
  • Hover over a course to see scheduling details in real-time
  • Students and parents can access a personal calendar to see their scheduled classes and upcoming appointments
Manage Scheduling Conflicts

Manage Scheduling Conflicts

  • Teach 'n Go will alert you to scheduling conflicts with teachers or lessons within your school
  • You will also be notified of the time and location of the scheduling conflict to better manage timetables and students
Missing Add Events Image

Easily Add Events

  • Create one-time events and add teachers, staff, students or their related contacts
  • Events get added to each participant's calendars to enable everyone to stay up to date
  • Help teachers manage schedule changes, parent meetings, last-minute cancellations and more

Plus Many More Features for Your School's Needs...

Class Colour Coding

Class Colour Coding

Colour code your schedules to easily view and keep track of different students and classes.

The colours will appear on dashboards and calendars, making finding a class, students, or classroom super easy.

Copy Classes

Copy Classes

When scheduling multiple classes - you can easily copy an existing class that has already been created - saving you valuable time.

Our scheduling software will bring across the data at the simple click of a button.

Classroom Size

Modify Classroom Size

With our classroom size function, you can limit the number of people in a class based on the classroom size it is being held in.

Teach 'n Go will notify you if you have maximised the space and the number of students available in the room.

Quickly Enrol Students

Quickly Enrol Students

Student scheduling software needs to be efficient. This is why Teach ‘n Go allows you to quickly enrol or unenroll multiple students into a class.

Teachers can also copy this data from another class, saving them even more time.

Future Enrol Students

Keep Track of Future Enrol Students

Our scheduling software allows you to enroll prospective students into future classes.

Features like this allow admins and teachers to get ahead of busy periods of the school year and schedule their lessons before they have happened.

Archive Classes

Archive Classes

It's possible to archive school classes that have been completed to keep track of records.

When finished, you can easily archive your previous course and see what active classes are still available.

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