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Teach 'n Go's easy-to-use school messaging system allows you to keep in regular contact with students, parents and teachers.

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Group email and sms

Send Group Emails and SMS Messages

  • Effortlessly send multiple emails to teachers, students or particular classes - for FREE
  • Send mass texts that deliver straight to the student or parents' mobile phone
  • Instantly send emergency notifications and essential updates about parent-teacher meetings

* Please note that SMS messaging packages are not included in the subscription price and are sold separately.

Top Up SMs

Top Up Bulk SMS Credits When Needed

  • Easily top up your school's text messaging credits to ensure you're always in contact with students and parents
  • Keep track of credits remaining and never worry about important details slipping through the cracks again

* Please note that prices vary depending on the text messaging rates in your country.

Select recipients

Easily Select Message Recipients

  • Teach 'n Go makes it easy to find and select the recipients for your school's emails and mass text messaging
  • Create contact lists and avoid manually selecting recipients each time you send out important messages
  • Hover over a course to see scheduling details in real-time
  • Students and parents can access a personal calendar to see their scheduled classes and upcoming appointments
View history logs

Access and View History Logs

  • View a history of all the emails and SMS messages you've sent through Teach 'n Go
  • Keep track of all of your school's communication and easily find important details
Message history notes

Add Notes to Your Message History

  • Teach 'n Go allows you to add notes to your school's text message and email history
  • Store detailed communication records and phone numbers in one convenient place
Reciept emails

Send Payment Receipts via Email

  • Deliver payment receipts directly to parents' and students' inboxes through Teach 'n Go
  • Keep everyone in the loop about payment deadlines and ensure transparency
Letterhead and email templates

Access Professional Letter & Email Templates

  • Create personalized letter and email templates to send to prospective students and parents
  • Save each template and say goodbye to dull, time-consuming email and SMS marketing

How It Works

The group messaging feature within the Teach 'n Go software solution is designed to allow you and your teachers to keep regular contact with students, parents, and other teachers. It allows you to effortlessly send messages, either via text or email, to teachers, students, parents, class groups, or individuals.

The communication system can send multiple SMS or emails to students' or parents' cell phones to inform them of any last-minute changes, cancellations, newly added material, or important updates regarding the school or particular classes.

Those with smartphones and the Teach 'n Go app installed will also receive a push notification on their device, ensuring that they don't miss an important update—regardless of what that update might be.

The system can also be automated to send reminders to students about upcoming lessons, which is designed to save both time and resources while increasing staff productivity. This great feature can potentially decrease absenteeism and keep the students more engaged. It's also completely customizable.

However, it's worth noting that this feature, while included in the software package, still requires SMS credits, which aren't included in the subscription pricing. In other words, you'll have to top up SMS credits once they're depleted. The process is quite easy, and you can easily monitor and keep track of the remaining credits. Please note that the top-up prices vary depending on the rates in your country.

School Messaging System FAQs

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about our Teach 'n Go School Messaging System:

What is an example of a compatible messaging system?

Thanks to Teach' n Go's intergrability, any traditional messaging platform can be used as a messaging system. It allows you to set up messaging via group emails and SMS texts to inform students about any essential updates, such as cancellations, parent-teacher conferences, or emergency alerts.

Furthermore, our mobile app provides a push notification functionality, ensuring that you, your staff, and your students won't miss a crucial update ever again. However, this communication system doesn't focus on group messaging alone—you can send messages to individual students via notifications and SMS text reminders.

Is a School Messenger system legit?

Yes, many educational facilities that rely on ERP software solutions, such as Teach 'n Go, have their own messaging tools or text messaging services. These tools are great for providing attendance notifications, emergency alerts, and general updates from schools to students and their families via text messages, emails, or, in some applications, even phone calls.

What is Text Messaging for Schools?

In most cases, a group messenger for schools refers to automated integrations between the ERP software solution and a messaging platform, such as an email or SMS, that schools use to communicate with students' families, staff, and school administrators.

How does mass text messaging work for schools?

From an implementation perspective, schools subscribe to a mass texting service integrated within Teach 'n Go. There, you can upload all the necessary recipient contact details and use the messaging systems to send bulk or individual test messages. This service is useful in various scenarios, and the process can be automated.

Is It Safe To Use A Mass School Notification System?

Using mass school messaging and notification systems is generally safe since they're designed with data protection, security, and privacy in mind. This ensures that personal contact information is protected.

What are the benefits of using school-wide communication tools?

School-wide communication tools have numerous benefits, as they ensure the timely and efficient spread of information. They're also critical for sending instant alerts during emergencies and facilitating regular and consistent interaction between parents, students, and school staff. This increases student accountability—and provides a record of communication for compliance purposes.

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