Easily Manage Online School Fees

Managing school payments has never been easier with Teach 'n Go. All you need to do is set your course prices, as well as any additional student fees, and you're done!

With our online school fees payment software, you'll always have a clear idea of what has been paid and what is outstanding.

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PayPal Payments

Secure Online Payments with PayPal or Stripe

  • Set your school up to receive PayPal or Stripe payments
  • Save time and energy on recording and managing manual payments
Easily Set Course Prices

Easily Set Course Prices

  • Teach 'n Go offers a number of ways to price your courses
  • Choose from hourly, monthly or custom pricing methods
  • Pricing methods and payment dates will automatically be added to the student's profiles
Custom Fees

Custom Fees

  • Easily set pricing models for each lesson
  • Teach 'n Go allows you to assign hourly, monthly or custom fees to group classes
Automated Billing

Automated Billing

  • Our software can easily work out what each student owes
  • Billing amounts will be calculated automatically when a student is added to a class or lesson
Add Discounts

Add Discounts

  • Easily add discounts to school payments
  • Set course discounts from a student's profile
Payment History

Payment History

  • See each student's payment history in real-time
  • Stay on top of which amounts have been paid and when

Overdue Payments

  • Teach 'n Go allows you to view all of your school's overdue payments
  • Send payment reminders
Teach_n_Go-Future Payments

Future Payments

  • Get an overview of your school’s upcoming fees
  • Browse future fees by student, payment method, due date and discount
  • Stay ahead of your school’s cash flow
Beautiful Receipts

Create Beautiful Receipts

  • Create professional-looking invoices to send to parents and key stakeholders
  • Save, print or send your school’s invoices by email

How It Works

Teach 'n Go allows you to easily manage your school's finances by setting course prices and additional fees, selecting payment processing and payment options, and keeping track of paid and outstanding invoices.

Thanks to the streamlined payment system our platform provides, manual data entry and additional managerial hassle are completely eliminated. Additionally, you don't have to look for a convenient and secure way to accept payments; Teach 'n Go integrates with numerous payment solutions, such as Stripe, Paypal, or credit card/debit card payment options, and handles all the transaction details for you.

Apart from payment collection, our payment system allows school administrators to set course prices per hour, month, or custom parameters as a one-time or recurring payment. It also does all the math "under the hood" and calculates how many remaining installments or fees individual students owe in tuition fees and other due payments.

Additionally, the online school payment system is fantastic for automating late payments—the tool will rely on the implemented messaging system and student information system to notify students and their parents that their payments are past due.

Online School Fees Payment System FAQs

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about our fee payment system:

What does an online school payment system do?

An online school payment system lets parents and students pay school fees, including tuition, lunch money, and other school-related expenses. These software solutions also provide educational institutions with insight into their complete financial performance and payment history while enabling them to send and receive invoices and set up automatic payments.

Are there any transaction fees associated with online school fee payment systems?

Yes, there are usually transaction fees associated with school payments. Those fees can vary depending on the provider, the type of payment, and, quite possibly, the transaction amount. Additionally, those fees are usually paid by the students or their parents, regardless of the payment method.

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