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Keaes Academics Streamlines Internal Admin & Enjoys Better Oversight

Keaes Academics

Bangkok, Thailand

Academic Learning School

Classes are in person and online

Keaes Academics needed an intuitive and centralized system that would allow it to:

Read on to learn more about how Teach 'n Go helped Keaes Academics become more efficient, create professional invoices and keep track of day-to-day processes.

The School

Keaes Academics is a Bangkok-based tutoring, enrichment and language school that caters to children between the ages of seven and 14.

The school's junior program is designed to prepare younger students for high school and university—through science, English, math and creative writing courses.

Keaes Academics offers these courses for the British, American Singaporean and IB curricula.

The school also provides various courses to prepare high school students for international academic tests. This includes:

Keaes Academics also offers general language classes in English, Japanese and Chinese at all levels throughout the year.

The Challenge

Keaes Academics had been relying on a custom-made system to manage its internal administration, as well as keep track of payments and attendance data.

However, this system was not designed to give the school the oversight it needed.

This database also made it challenging for Keaes Academics' administrators to access archived and historical data.

The information stored on the database would often become disorganized and could not be used to create invoices or reports.

The system also didn't allow Keaes Academics' staff to track overdue payments or see which unique invoice to send to each student.

Not only did this make it difficult for the school to keep track of its payments, but it also made invoicing a time consuming and labor-intensive task.

The Solution

In 2020, Keaes Academics realized that it needed to move away from its custom-made database and find a more centralized system.

After looking at other products on the market, Keaes Academics decided Teach 'n Go would streamline its internal admin and ensure a smoother running of the school.

Using Teach 'n Go has allowed Keaes Academics to gain better visibility over its teaching business, enjoy more efficient invoicing and keep better track of attendance.

Using Teach 'n Go across the business has allowed SLC to automate tedious administrative tasks, minimise human error and become more efficient.

The system we were using before Teach 'n Go was not suitable for our school's needs.
Not only was it very difficult to access historical or archived information, but you could not use its data to create reports.
We realized that we needed to find a better solution to help our team be more organized.
When we found Teach 'n Go, we were excited about how it allows us to always know what's going on at the school and streamline our internal processes.

Pimphapit Rattanagraikanakorn,
Senior Business Development Manager, Keaes Academics

The Results

Better Oversight across the School

Keaes Academics now uses Teach 'n Go's dashboards to monitor the school's day-to-day processes.

This gives staff better visibility over upcoming lessons and real-time scheduling conflicts, as well as which payments are overdue.

Organized Attendance Data

Keaes Academics also uses Teach 'n Go to keep track of student attendance.

After the school's teachers collect this data in just a few clicks, it's uploaded to Teach 'n Go and can be referenced anytime staff need it.

Now that Keaes Academics can keep better records of student attendance, staff can create reports on this data to send to parents.

This gives parents a physical record of their child's attendance when they receive invoices from Keaes Academics.

Easy, Professional Invoicing

Using Teach 'n Go has also allowed Keaes Academics to enjoy more efficient payment collection and invoicing.

Based on the attendance data stored in Teach 'n Go, staff can clearly see how many lessons they need to bill clients for.

This minimizes human error by ensuring that Keaes Academics always bills clients for the correct number of lessons.

Following up with outstanding payments has also never been easier with Teach 'n Go.

All that the school's staff need to do is click on Teach 'n Go's filters to find out which invoices are overdue and send payment reminders to the client.

Dedicated, Professional Support

Keaes Academics has also been working closely with Teach 'n Go to create a custom domain for the school.

This allows the school to have its name in the URL and replace Teach 'n Go's logo with its own across the database.

Not only does this help Keaes Academics deliver long-term value to its staff, but it also ensures that its database looks professional.

Looking Ahead

Implementing Teach 'n Go has helped Keaes Academics make their internal processes far more organized and easier to manage.

As we've seen in this case study, staff have better oversight across the school and attendance management and invoicing are more efficient than ever before.

With all the great outcomes from using Teach 'n Go, Keaes Academics is excited to continue using the system to further streamline its business and deliver exceptional value to students.

One of the best features of Teach 'n Go is its user-friendliness.
Compared to the system we used in the past, Teach 'n Go's system is incredibly convenient and easy to use.
It has also made our internal staff's daily administrative tasks far more efficient and organized. I find Teach 'n Go to be the perfect platform for our school.

Pimphapit Rattanagraikanakorn,
Senior Business Development Manager, Keaes Academics

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