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YELS Enjoys Easier Payment Collection & Improved Communication

Your English Language School

Dublin, Ireland

English Lanaguage School

Classes are in person and online

Your English Language School (YELS) needed an efficient and centralized system to:

Read on to learn how Teach 'n Go helped YELS become more efficient, improve its communication and enjoy on-time payments.

The School

YELS was founded as a community project in 2006. The organization’s initial focus was helping non-English-speaking immigrants adjust to living and working in Ireland. Since then, YELS has become a popular training center for students from all over the world who want to improve their English communication skills.

Based in Dublin’s city center, YELS offers in-person and online English courses for people of all ages. This includes:

At YELS, the class sizes vary between five to nine students and many of its courses are also offered on weekends and in the evenings.

The Challenge

YELS had been using Excel spreadsheets and physical class logs to manage its courses and monitor attendance. The organization also relied on verbal communication from its students and teachers to keep track of the school’s daily processes.

Over time, it became increasingly difficult to ensure that important details didn’t slip through the cracks and keep physical records organized. As the business grew, payment collection became a time-consuming and stressful process. Not only did staff members have to keep track of each course’s fees, but they also had to manage individual installment plans.

It was also difficult to know which student or payment to follow up with when spreadsheets and class logs weren’t well maintained. Although YELS had been looking into a more efficient solution for a while, it couldn’t find one with transparent pricing or with features that would meet its needs.

The Solution

The Covid-19 pandemic was the catalyst YELS needed to find an efficient system to help manage its business. After extensive market research, YELS decided that Teach ‘n Go was the right system for its requirements and would help them to navigate the challenges of remote learning. Using Teach ‘n Go has allowed YELS to easily follow up with payments, automate tedious processes and improve communication across the business.

Life at YELS before Teach ‘n Go was pretty crazy. We relied mostly on spreadsheets and because it was location-based, verbal communication.
Over time, things got a bit disorganized and we needed the pandemic to encourage us to find a more efficient solution. Now, I can’t think of a single feature we don’t use Teach ‘n Go for.
By running our entire business off the system, we have full oversight across the school and our daily operations are far more streamlined.

Tomasz Smalec
Director of Sales and Marketing, Your English Language School.

The Results

Streamlined School and Lesson Management

YELS now use Teach ‘n Go for almost every aspect of its day-to-day school and class management processes. This allows teachers to efficiently:.

  • Schedule lessons.
  • Monitor attendance
  • Keep track of course conten

By saying goodbye to its spreadsheets and class logs, YELS’ attendance management has become more accurate and efficient than ever before. In the event that one of the school’s teachers is unable to attend a lesson, everything is stored on Teach ‘n Go’s database for another educator to access. Teach ‘n Go has also given the organization’s students 24/7 access to their class notes, tasks and homework—whether they are learning remotely or in person.

Teach 'n Go allows us to keep all of our records accurate and avoid human error.
Now that everything is stored in one place, everyone is on the same page and hardly any important tasks or documents are able to slip through the cracks.”

Tomasz Smalec
Director of Sales and Marketing, Your English Language School.

Easier Payment Collection

With so many courses, students and individual installments to keep track of, payment collection used to be a headache for staff members at YELS. With Teach ‘n Go’s dashboards, each student has complete clarity over when their fees are due and how much they need to pay YELS. The school is also able to see each student’s payment history in real-time, monitor outstanding payments and send reminders.

Improved Communication

Using Teach ‘n Go has also allowed YELS to enjoy improved communication between its teachers and students. The system’s group messaging feature allows the school to send emails and text messages to keep everyone on the same page.

Teach ‘n Go’s mobile app has also come in handy when YELS needs to send last-minute communication to its students or teachers. On the rare occasion that YELS needs to cancel a class last-minute, all that staff need to do is send a message via Teach ‘n Go’s app to keep the students informed. Students can also reach their teachers through the student portal whenever they have any questions or concerns.

Transparent Pricing and Friendly Support

One of the other attractive features of Teach ‘n Go was its transparent and single pricing. This means that YELS can use Teach ‘n Go at full scale without worrying about paying extra for features and templates—unlike other systems on the market.

The Teach ‘n Go team was also happy to provide a demo for YELS before they signed up to give them a better idea of the system’s features.

Looking Ahead

In the future, YELS is hoping to use Teach ‘n Go for managing the organization of its host families for the school’s summer programs.

This would allow YELS to streamline communication between teachers, students and host families to ensure the smoother running of the program.

Going forward, YELS is also hoping to expand its use of Teach ‘n Go’s communication features for marketing purposes.

Many of our educators have used other platforms in the past and they all say that Teach 'n Go is very simple and intuitive.
I have to commend Teach ‘n Go’s customer support, the team is always friendly and willing to help us whenever we need technical or operational support.”.

Tomasz Smalec
Director of Sales and Marketing, Your English Language School.

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