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WeDo Education

Vancouver, Canada

Academic Learning School

Classes are in person and online

WeDo Education needed an efficient and user-friendly system that would allow them to:

Read on to learn how Teach 'n Go helped WeDo keep better track of its student data, simplify lesson scheduling and enjoy greater oversight across its business.

The School

WeDo Education is a Vancouver-based tutoring school that provides personalized lessons, workshops and curriculum planning programs for students of all ages.

The tutoring school evaluates each student's problem area and develops an individualized learning plan to help them improve their grades and achieve their academic goals.

WeDo offers tutoring services for a variety of subjects—from English and Math to Biology and Economics, to name just a few.

Through enrollment planning, WeDo also works with a former admissions director to help students improve their chances of being accepted into Ivy League universities.

WeDo also offers classes to help students prepare for their SATs, Secondary School Admissions Test (SSAT) and the International English Language Testing System (IELTS).

The Challenge

WeDo had been relying on Google Sheets to manage its internal administration, as well as keep track of student information and attendance.

As more students joined the tutoring school, it became increasingly challenging to keep these spreadsheets organized and up to date.

When students needed to be paired with a tutor, WeDo's staff had to manually update its spreadsheets and arrange the lessons separately.

Over time, this process became time consuming and difficult to keep organized.

Google Sheets also didn't allow WeDo's staff to create financial reports or gain an overview of its students' payment history.

This made it difficult for WeDo to keep track of each student's payments and how much money they owed at the end of each month.

"When we used to use Google Sheets, it was very easy to make mistakes with things like attendance and lesson management. "
"With Teach 'n Go, we have full oversight across all of our courses, students and attendance."
"Not only has this minimized human error, but the time spent doing tedious administrative work has decreased immensely."

Victor Zhong
Marketing Manager, WeDo Education

The Solution

At the beginning of 2020, WeDo realized that it needed to move away from Google Sheets and find a more efficient solution.

The challenges of remote learning also made it essential for WeDo's staff to have a centralized system to manage the school's students and lessons.

After reviewing other products on the market, SLC decided on Teach 'n Go.

Using Teach 'n Go has allowed WeDo to keep organized payment records and track attendance, as well as manage student information and keep teachers on the same page.

The Results

Simple, Efficient Class Scheduling

WeDo's staff now use Teach 'n Go to arrange and manage each of the school's lessons.

When a new class or tutoring lesson is confirmed, WeDo's staff create a new entry on Teach 'n Go's real-time calendars.

With a daily, weekly or monthly view, WeDo's staff are able to keep track of upcoming lessons and which tutors are needed for each class.

Not only can staff see scheduling changes in real-time, but they can also add teachers and students to each entry, as well as their contact details.

Instead of using different spreadsheets to find and manage this information, it's all in one convenient calendar for WeDo's staff to access.

Organized Attendance Data

WeDo has also started using Teach 'n Go to keep track of student attendance.

Now that WeDo can clearly see how many lessons each student has attended, the staff's billing process has become far more efficient.

This allows SLC's teachers to keep track of attendance and courses, share homework and upload links to recorded lessons.

This has also minimized human error and billing parents for the incorrect number of lessons.

"Teach 'n Go's calendars make it very easy for us to schedule and keep track of WeDo's classes.
This also makes it much easier to bill parents because we know exactly how many lessons their children have attended.
With Google Sheets, it wasn't always easy to account for lesson cancellations. However, this is never an issue with Teach 'n Go.”

Victor Zhong
Marketing Manager, WeDo Education

Streamlined Student Data

WeDo uses Teach 'n Go's database to collect and store student information, such as their contact details, preferred payment method and how much credit they have with the school.

Staff have also started Teach 'n Go's student portal to keep track of each student's progress and whether or not there has been any improvement with their grades.

This allows WeDo to see which teaching methods have been successful and where they can assist students even further.

Simple and Professional Invoicing

Now that WeDo has said goodbye to Google Sheets, it has better visibility over upcoming lessons, attendance data and each student's payment history.

With all of this information stored in one place, it's become easier than ever before for WeDo's staff to keep accurate records for the school's accountant.

Teach 'n Go's dashboards have also given WeDo absolute clarity over outstanding payments and which fees will be paid in future.

This gives WeDo a better idea of their cash flow and which students they need to follow up with for late payments.

Looking Ahead

Using Teach 'n Go has made WeDo's internal processes far more efficient and easier to manage.

As we've seen in this case study, staff have complete visibility over each lesson, plus students' payment history and attendance data.

With all of these great outcomes from using Teach 'n Go, WeDo is excited to continue using the system to deliver excellent value to their students and teachers.

Our staff were really struggling with Google Sheets' interface and keeping everything organized across the school.
Not only is Teach 'n Go very user friendly, but the interface is intuitive and takes almost no time at all to get the hang of.
Since using Teach 'n Go in 2020, WeDo has saved lots of time on administrative tasks and made the day-to-day running of our internal processes much easier.”

Victor Zhong
Marketing Manager, WeDo Education

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