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Specialist Language Courses (SLC) needed an accessible and user-friendly system to:

Read on to learn how Teach 'n Go helped SLC become more efficient, keep accurate records and create professional-looking invoices.

The School

Over the past 10 years, SLC has been offering English courses to foreign healthcare professionals and students — from doctors and nurses to pharmacists and carers.

This allows healthcare workers to communicate with their patients and colleagues, as well as better understand medical terminology and the language used in research.

As the UK's leading medical English provider, SLC also helps students from all over the world pass the tests they need to register as healthcare workers in English-speaking countries.

This includes the Occupational English Test (OET) and the International English Language Testing System (IELTS).

Some of SLC's clients include NHS England, Health Education England and Cambridge Boxhill Language Assessment (OET) to name just a few.

The Challenge

SLC had been relying on Google Sheets to manage its attendance records, as well as keep track of its lessons and students.

As the business grew, it became increasingly time consuming to manually create these records for each class and manage student data from across different folders.

Not only were these spreadsheets prone to human error, but they would also lose their formatting after being shared with multiple people.

This made invoicing a dreaded and labor-intensive process across the business.

Many of the courses SLC offers are sponsored by external organizations that want to keep track of student progress and how their resources are being used.

Although Google Sheets provided some overview of the business, SLC couldn't use them to create detailed reports for its course sponsors.

The Solution

In 2020, SLC realized that it needed to move away from Google Sheets and find a more efficient and user-friendly solution.

An increase in the demand for online learning also pushed SLC to find a system that would allow them to manage their entire teaching business from a centralised place.

After reviewing other products on the market, SLC decided on Teach 'n Go.

Using Teach 'n Go across the business has allowed SLC to automate tedious administrative tasks, minimise human error and become more efficient.

"When we used to use Google Sheets, it was very easy to make mistakes with things like attendance and lesson management. "
"With Teach 'n Go, we have full oversight across all of our courses, students and attendance."
"Not only has this minimized human error, but the time spent doing tedious administrative work has decreased immensely."

Diana Izu
Program Manager, Specilaist Language Courses

The Results

Accessible for Course Sponsors

Implementing Teach 'n Go has allowed SLC's course sponsors to gain greater visibility over the business.

Whenever they needed information from SLC in the past, the company had to create or share a new spreadsheet with them.

However, the Teach 'n Go team created a new feature that allows SLC to add its course sponsors as staff members within the system. This means that sponsors can access key metrics, attendance information and lesson data from anywhere, anytime.

Now that all of this information is stored in the same place, SLC can use it to generate detailed reports and easily share them with its course sponsors.

Efficient Class Management

SLC now uses Teach 'n Go to manage and organize its classes and students.

When a new class or private lesson is confirmed, SLC creates a group within Teach 'n Go and shares it with the teacher.

This allows SLC's teachers to keep track of attendance and courses, share homework and upload links to recorded lessons.

Students are also able to use Teach 'n Go to manage their notes, access tasks and see their weekly or monthly lessons in real-time.

Organize Student Data

Teach 'n Go's centralized database allows SLC to manage its student information, from lesson history to contact details and payment methods.

Instead of trying to find this data amongst emails between students and teachers, it's now stored in one convenient place for SLC to access at any time.

Simple and Professional Invoicing

Before SLC implemented Teach 'n Go, creating invoices was a headache.

As we mentioned before, staff members had to sort through spreadsheets to find which lessons each teacher had given and how many hours they worked.

Now, SLC can adjust the filters on Teach 'n Go's calendar to view each teacher's lessons and how many hours they have worked.

With this information in a centralized place, SLC's invoicing process has become far more efficient and saved them hours of time.

Managing our payroll before Teach 'n Go was a nightmare. I had to go through all of our spreadsheets and check each teacher's hours manually.
Now, all I need to do is refer to our calendars on Teach 'n Go. This allows me to easily see all of our teacher's lessons and hours, which has made invoicing much simpler.

Diana Izu
Program Manager, Specilaist Language Courses

Looking Ahead

In the future, SLC is hoping to use Teach 'n Go to streamline its communication with prospective students.

This will allow SLC to store, record and track course and lesson confirmation within Teach 'n Go, instead of via their email inboxes.

Going forward, SLC is also hoping to use Teach 'n Go to track the entire student journey - from OET and IELTS testing to course completion.

I really have to commend Teach 'n Go for their fantastic customer service and flexibility.
Contacting their team is easy and you don't need to worry about long troubleshooting pages or never-ending phone calls.
Whenever we have had a question or need something done, the Teach 'n Go team has always been responsive, flexible and accommodating.

Diana Izu
Program Manager, Specilaist Language Courses

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