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Rocketstars Academy Finally Finds The Software That Works For Them

Rocketstars Academy

Point Cook, Australia

Childrens Academy

Classes are in person and online

Rocketstars Academy had trialed various school management systems but couldn't find one that suited its needs.

The academy required a user-friendly and efficient system to:

Rocketstars Academy, based in Melbourne, offers in-person and online classes for children in kindergarten through to year five. These programs include:

Read on to learn how Teach 'n Go helped Rocketstars Academy keep more accurate records, improve communication, and gain better oversight across the business.

The School

Rocketstars Academy, based in Melbourne, offers in-person and online classes for children in kindergarten through to year five. These programs include:

The teachers at Rocketstars Academy customize the school's programs to suit each child's individual needs, skill sets, and learning styles.

The academy also aims to help children build lifelong skills such as leadership, confidence, collaboration, and communication.

The Challenge

Rocketstars Academy had been relying on Google Sheets to manage its student data and daily processes, as well as to keep track of its payments.

As more students joined the academy, it became increasingly challenging to keep track of each program and to manage the school's daily processes.

The spreadsheets were also prone to human error and too labor-intensive for teachers and administrative staff to complete.

Not only did this result in data becoming disorganized, but the spreadsheets were also difficult to fix when they lost their formatting.

The teachers at Rocketstars Academy were also using physical class registers to track student attendance.

These records were time consuming to maintain and difficult to cross-check when the academy's administrators wanted to send invoices to parents.

The Solution

Although Rocketstars Academy had been looking for a student management system for a while, it couldn't find one with features that would meet its needs.

The software that the academy had trialled was either too difficult to use or overpriced for a new, small business.

After extensive market research, Rocketstars Academy decided on Teach 'n Go.

Using Teach 'n Go has allowed Rocketstars Academy to enjoy better oversight across the business, automate tedious processes, and improve its communication with parents.

As the academy got bigger, it became more and more difficult to manage all of our processes and data on Google Sheets.
I did a lot of research and trialled different systems, but many of them didn't have the features we needed or were very difficult to use.
Eventually, we found Teach 'n Go. It had all of the features we needed, friendly technical support and it would be able to scale alongside our teaching business.

Jethro Jia
Founder and IT Manager at Rocketstars Academyr

The Results

Streamlined School & Data Management

Rocketstars Academy has started using Teach 'n Go to manage its daily school and class management processes. This allows teachers to:

  • Stay up-to-date with the lessons they've done.
  • Know where they should pick up the class next time.

In just a few clicks, Rocketstars Academy can schedule its lessons and create timetables to organize its classes and students.

Since saying goodbye to its class logs, the academy's attendance tracking has become more efficient and accurate than ever before.

All that teachers need to do is tick student names off of Teach 'n Go's user-friendly roster and the information is updated in real-time.

Rocketstars Academy also uses Teach 'n Go to upload course material onto its student and parent portal.

This gives students 24/7 access to their class notes and homework—whether they are learning in-person or remotely.

This also promotes better transparency between students and teachers because the course material and homework are on the system for everyone to see.

Simplified Payment Collection

With so many courses and students to keep track of, payment collection used to be a time-consuming process for staff members at Rocketstars Academy.

However, Teach 'n Go's technical support team created a credit function on the system to make payment collection easier and more efficient for the academy.

This allows the management team to charge each parent's credit account from Teach 'n Go.

Not only has this made payment collection much more efficient, but it's also easier for the academy's accountant to stay ahead of cash flow.

Create Comprehensive Reports

Using Teach 'n Go has also allowed Recovery College Greenwich to create detailed attendance reports for its funders.

All that the college needs to do is choose which attendance data it wants to share and then download the report in just one click.

These attendance reports also make it easy for the college's management to pick up on any trends with their courses or students.

This allows Recovery College Greenwich to make more informed decisions about its services and curriculum.

We use different custom fees and enrollment dates at Rocketstars Academy, so we don't charge parents a fixed price at the beginning of the term.
In the past, it was difficult and time-consuming for our accounting team to keep track of all of this information.
Teach 'n Go created a credit function for us on the system which means we can just charge parents straight from their accounts.
This makes it easier for our accounting team to collect payments and they don't need to worry about charging parents the wrong amount because it's all stored on the system.

Jethro Jia
Founder and IT Manager at Rocketstars Academyr

Better Oversight of Overdue Payments

Teach 'n Go also gives Rocketstars Academy an overview of its payment history in real-time.

With attendance data stored on the system, the accounting team can easily cross-check how many classes each student has attended and ensure that they have been billed correctly.

This has saved the accounting team hours of time because they no longer need to contact the academy's administrative task to verify this information.

Better Oversight of Overdue Payments

Using Teach 'n Go has also allowed Rocketstars Academy to enjoy better communication between its parents, teachers, and administrators.

The system's group messaging feature allows the academy to send text messages and email reminders to parents to keep them on the same page.

Parents are also given login details for Teach 'n Go when they enrol their children at Rocketstars Academy.

This allows them to access Teach 'n Go whenever they want to check overdue payments or communicate with teachers.

Looking Ahead

In the future, Rocketstars Academy is hoping to use Teach 'n Go to create reports on student attendance and payments.

This will allow the academy to create annual attendance reports at the end of the year, as well as give its management team an even better oversight of its finances.

We tried many different systems before choosing Teach 'n Go and one of the main things that stood out about the system was its user-friendliness.
It's extremely easy to use and no one requires any extensive training to get the hang of it.
Even though there's a time difference, Teach 'n Go's technical support team is also very responsive and always willing to help us, quickly and efficiently.

Jethro Jia
Founder and IT Manager at Rocketstars Academyr

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