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Recovery College Greenwich Enjoys Better Communication & Reporting

Recovery College Greenwich

London, United Kingdom

Mental Health Support

Classes are in person and online

Recovery College Greenwich needed a centralized and user-friendly system that would allow it to:

Read on to learn how Teach ‘n Go helped Recovery College Greenwich improve its communication, become more efficient and keep more accurate records.

The School

Recovery College Greenwich offers courses and community support for adults with long-term mental health problems.

Based in South East London, the college aims to develop student’s inner resources to achieve personal recovery alongside clinical recovery and to live well, beyond their diagnosis.

The courses, activities and workshops at the college are designed to support personal recovery, as well as teach people actionable life skills.

Each course typically runs for six weeks and includes subjects like Meditation, Healthy Relationships, Cooking and Art.

Recovery College Greenwich has grown to over 1,000 students between the ages of 18 and 72.

The Challenge

Recovery College Greenwich had been relying on Excel spreadsheets to manage its student data and various courses.

As the business grew, it became increasingly challenging to monitor student attendance and keep the school's data organized.

This database also made it challenging for Keaes Academics' administrators to access archived and historical data.

There was also no way that the college could use these spreadsheets to create reports on student progress for its funders.

Over time, it became more and more labor-intensive for course administrators to cross-reference spreadsheet data, as well as present it in different formats.

The Solution

In 2016, Recovery College Greenwich realized that it needed to find a more efficient solution.

Not only did the new system have to keep the college's data organized, but it also needed to help them continue delivering value to its students.

After reviewing other products on the market, Recovery College Greenwich decided that Teach ‘n Go was the right system for its needs.

Using Teach ‘n Go has helped the college communicate better with its students, create detailed reports and keep its data organized.

Due to the size of our college, it didn't take very long for us to build up a huge amount of student and course data.
When you're trying to manage all of that with spreadsheets, it's not long before the data becomes disorganized and difficult to keep track of.
We needed to find a product that would help us track and report on how our students were doing over time, as well as use our data in more efficient ways.

Ian Wescombe,
Recovery College Manager

The Results

Improved Communication with Students

Teach ‘n Go allows Recovery College Greenwich to send out SMS reminders to its students.

This feature allows the college to help its students stay on track with their classes and keep them updated with any important information.

Recovery College Greenwich can also easily monitor its SMS credits and top them up instantly from within Teach ‘n Go.

Using Teach ‘n Go has also allowed Recovery College Greenwich to send its funders and community a newsletter from within the system—for free.

With easy access to professional email templates, the college's staff are able to save time on tedious administrative tasks.

This feature allows the college to help its students stay on track with their classes and keep them updated with any important information.

This feature allows the college to help its students stay on track with their classes and keep them updated with any important information.

One of the most valuable parts of Teach ‘n Go is the SMS feature.
There are various reasons why someone with mental health concerns may lose track of their days or schedules.
Teach ‘n Go enables us to send our students SMS reminders the day before a class.
This is a great way to ensure that they complete their courses and it allows us to continue supporting students towards personal recovery.

Ian Wescombe,
Recovery College Manager

Efficient School and Data Management

Recovery College Greenwich uses Teach ‘n Go to streamline its class and school management processes. This allows teachers to:

  • Easily take class attendance
  • Schedule lessons
  • Manage enrollment

Since the college started using Teach ‘n Go, its attendance tracking has become far more efficient.

All that teachers need to do is tick each student’s name off Teach ‘n Go’s register and the information is updated in real-time for everyone to see.

Recovery College Greenwich also uses Teach ‘n Go to schedule its lessons and manage timetables.

Not only do teachers have better oversight of the college’s calendar, but they can also easily manage any scheduling conflicts.

Teach ‘n Go has also made it easier for the college to manage its enrollment process.

RThrough an API, prospects upload their details and register on Recovery College Greenwich’s website. This information is sent to Teach ‘n Go, where a detailed student record is created.

This makes it easy for the college to contact prospective students and find out what they can do to help the individual.

Create Comprehensive Reports

Using Teach ‘n Go has also allowed Recovery College Greenwich to create detailed attendance reports for its funders.

All that the college needs to do is choose which attendance data it wants to share and then download the report in just one click.

These attendance reports also make it easy for the college’s management to pick up on any trends with their courses or students.

This allows Recovery College Greenwich to make more informed decisions about its services and curriculum.

Teach ‘n Go’s reporting feature allows us to look back over courses and see what has been well-attended and which areas may need a bit more work.
We can also track seasonal variations in the courses that people take an interest in.
These results help us to plan our services better to ensure that we continue adding value to our students.

Ian Wescombe,
Recovery College Manager

Store Detailed Class Notes

Recovery College Greenwich uses Teach ‘n Go to store detailed notes about its students.

This allows teachers to add information about students’ behavior and progress within each course or lesson.

Teach ‘n Go also categorizes these notes in chronological order to make them easily accessible for the college’s tutors or management.

This also allows Recovery College Greenwich to look back on these notes and see if there are any changes in each student’s behavior over time.

Not only does this allow the college to create feedback on how students are coping, but it also gives everyone in the organization better oversight of each person’s needs.

Because we work with people that have mental health concerns, there are different stakeholders involved in their recovery that want feedback on how they’re coping.
If someone’s behavior has changed or we’ve identified an issue, we’re able to keep notes on that within Teach ‘n Go.
Teachers can sit down at the beginning of the term and familiarize themselves with these notes to see if there are any triggers or issues they should be aware of within their classes.
Everyone has a 360-degree view of what they need to know about their students in order to keep them safe and feeling comfortable.

Ian Wescombe,
Recovery College Manager

Looking Ahead

Implementing Teach ‘n Go has allowed Recovery College Greenwich to enjoy better communication with its students, keep its data organized, and create detailed reports.

With all of the great outcomes from using Teach ‘n Go, the college is excited to continue using the system to deliver support and value to its students.

We love that Teach ‘n Go is web-based. When we worked from home, our team was able to access the system and it worked perfectly without any issues.
Unlike many systems, Teach ‘n Go is very intuitive and our team has been able to get the hang of it very quickly.

Ian Wescombe,
Recovery College Manager

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