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Language School Improves Its Communication and Efficiency

Frankfurt, Germany

English Lanaguage School

Classes are in person and online

A German branch of an international language school franchise needed a centralized and intuitive system to

Read on to learn how Teach 'n Go helped the language school become more efficient and say goodbye to tedious administrative tasks.

The School

The learning center is part of a global franchise that teaches English as a foreign language to children of all ages. Founded in 1985, the international educational group has opened more than 1,000 learning centers in 36 different countries.

Based in Frankfurt, the school's English lessons are taught to small groups of four to eight students to suit all learning styles and capabilities.

The language school delivers its courses through interactive lessons, songs and games to improve students' conversational English.

The Challenge

Although the learning center had been using a student database, it was only designed to keep track of revenue and the number of students enrolled at the school.

This meant that the language school had to rely on physical records and verbal communication to keep track of its daily processes.

As the learning center grew, it became increasingly challenging to manage student data and the administration of its courses.

The language school had also been using WhatsApp groups to send important updates and information to its teachers.

With 54 classes per week, managing communication was a time-consuming and labor-intensive process for the learning center's administrators.

This also made it difficult to ensure that important details didn't slip through the cracks.

The Solution

At the end of 2020, the learning center realized that it needed to find a more user-friendly and efficient system to help with the day-to-day running of the school.

After a month of testing other systems, the language school decided on Teach 'n Go.

Using Teach 'n Go has allowed the learning center to streamline its communication, keep track of lessons and attendance, as well as gain better oversight across the school.

As our language school grew, it got to the point where we wanted to start outsourcing some of the business.
Without a student database, this became increasingly difficult to do. Now with Teach 'n Go, all of the student and administrative data we need is stored in one convenient place.
This has given us much better oversight across the school and has helped us manage our processes more efficiently.

Mary Anne Philippakis
Language School Franchise Owner

The Results

Streamlined Communication

Using Teach 'n Go has allowed the learning center to do away with WhatsApp and enjoy more efficient communication between its administrators and teachers.

Now the language school stores all of its class, student and attendance data in Teach 'n Go for all of its teachers to access.

Not only has this saved the learning center's administrators time, but it also ensures that teachers have real-time access to all of the information they need.

We used to rely on WhatsApp to communicate any important information to our teachers.
This was very time consuming because the learning center runs 54 classes per week. I always had to find different WhatsApp groups and my phone would beep non-stop.
Now we use Teach 'n Go to manage all of our classes.
This ensures that everyone is on the same page about which classes are taking place each day, as well as which students are attending.
Not only is our communication more streamlined, but we've also minimized the risk of important updates slipping through the cracks.

Mary Anne Philippakis
Language School Franchise Owner

Real-time Oversight across the School

Teach 'n Go's real-time dashboards give the learning center's administrators better oversight across the school.

This allows them to gain a quick overview of the school's upcoming classes and see up-to-date lesson records from each teacher.

The educators at the language school also add class notes to each of their lesson records within Teach 'n Go.

This allows them to keep track of the material they covered in each lesson and add any important information the school's administrators need to see.

Whenever the language school's administrators want to check that everything is running smoothly, all they need to do is check the class notes on Teach 'n Go.

Efficient Class Management

Before implementing Teach 'n Go, the learning center relied on paper-based rosters to keep track of class attendance each day.

When new students joined or left the language school, its teachers would have to manually update the class roster by crossing out names or creating a new list.

Not only did this occasionally result in human error, but it also made taking attendance a labor-intensive process.

With Teach 'n Go, it's never been easier for the learning center to take student attendance.

In just a few clicks, teachers are able to create accurate attendance records and store it in Teach 'n Go for administrators to access in real-time.

Looking Ahead

In the future, the learning center hopes to use Teach 'n Go for its email communication.

TThis would allow the language school to streamline its communication between administrators, teachers and parents even further

Going forward, the learning center is also hoping to make use of Teach 'n Go's parent and student portal to ensure an even more efficient running of the school.

Compared to the other student databases we've tested, Teach 'n Go is by far the most intuitive.
Contacting their team is easy and you don't need to worry about long troubleshooting pages or never-ending phone calls.
When we started testing Teach 'n Go, our educators didn't need any training. Everyone was able to immediately jump in and start using the system from the get-go!

Mary Anne Philippakis
Language School Franchise Owner

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