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Diagonal English Streamlines Its Communication and Saves Tons of Time

Diagonal English

Barcelona, Spain

English Language School

Online classes

Diagonal English needed a user-friendly school management system that would allow it to:

Read on to learn how Teach 'n Go helped Diagonal English streamline its communication, manage its data more efficiently, and save hours of time.

The School

Through private and group classes, Diagonal English offers a variety of online courses to help adults improve their English communication skills.

The school has over 10 years of experience in helping adults improve their English for job interviews and professional settings.

Diagonal English provides preparation classes to help non-English speaking individuals pass their Cambridge B2 First and C1 Advanced examinations.

Since 2012, Diagonal English has worked with over 200 companies and 6,670 students, and helped 2,085 people become FCE and CAE certified.

The Challenge

Diagonal English had been relying on a generic school management app and Google Sheets to manage its day-to-day processes.

Not only was the school management app very complex, but teachers and administrators also never received any training on how to use it effectively.

As Diagonal English grew, it became increasingly time-consuming for staff to keep track of the school's data across multiple folders.

The school's Google Sheets were prone to mistakes, and on rare occasions, they were accidentally deleted.

Neither of the systems Diagonal English had in place allowed them to gain oversight across the business or easily keep its information centralized.

The Solution

In 2020, Diagonal English realized that it needed to find a system that would allow them to keep up with the demands of online learning.

Not only did the new system have to be user-friendly, but it also needed to help the school manage their day-to-day processes from one central place.

After doing some market research, Diagonal English decided that Teach 'n Go was the right system for its needs.

Using Teach 'n Go across the business has allowed Diagonal English to minimize human error, become more efficient, and improve communication.

Shortly after we started offering online classes due to the pandemic, we realized that the systems we had in place weren't the right fit.
We needed something that would help our staff manage their lessons and attendance, as well as support our students' learning.
I managed to use Teach 'n Go within a few days and we were excited to see that it would allow us to centralize all of our data, instead of having it stored across a Google Drive.

Eva Correa,
Teach 'n Go Administrator at Diagonal English

The Results

Everybody's On the Same Page

Diagonal English now uses Teach 'n Go to keep track of all of its classes, schedules, and daily processes.

This is especially useful because the teachers at the school work on a rotational schedule.

With Teach 'n Go's real-time dashboards, the school's administrators and students can easily see which teachers will be taking each lesson.

The educators at Diagonal English also use Teach 'n Go to leave detailed class notes and updates for one another.

This allows all of the school's teachers to:

  • Stay up-to-date with the lessons they've done.
  • Know where they should pick up the class next time.

Teachers can also check these notes before each class to know which students are absent or are making up a lesson within their group.

This ensures that all of the school's teachers know exactly what's going on in their classes at the beginning of the day.

The teachers at Diagonal English also upload videos and class materials to Teach 'n Go for students to access.

Whether its to access their homework or tasks, this allows students to engage with their coursework from anywhere and at any time.

Streamlined Communication

Using Teach 'n Go's notes feature has also allowed Diagonal English to streamline communication between its teachers and administrators.

Not only does this allow them to avoid endless text messages and emails, but all of the notes are stored on Teach 'n Go if they ever want to refer to them.

When I want to send emails out to our students, all I need to do is choose their contact details from their profiles in Teach 'n Go.
This is much quicker than trying to find multiple email addresses to copy and paste into Outlook.
Teach 'n Go has saved us a lot of time finding and asking people for information because all of it is in the system for us to access.

Eva Correa,
Teach 'n Go Administrator at Diagonal English

Improved Attendance Management and Billing

Some of the teachers at Diagonal English work on a freelance basis.

This means that the school needs to be able to track how many lessons each teacher has given so that they can pay them the correct amount.

With Teach 'n Go's online calendar and attendance software, administrators at the school can easily log each teacher's hours and record lesson cancellations.

This minimizes human error and ensures that the teachers at Diagonal English are always paid for the correct number of lessons.

Looking Ahead

In the future, Diagonal English is hoping to use Teach 'n Go to generate attendance reports for their students' course sponsors.

This will give the funders better oversight over each student's attendance and improve accountability.

With all the great outcomes from using Teach 'n Go, Diagonal English is excited to continue using the system to deliver exceptional value to its teachers and students.

Compared to the previous system we were using, Teach 'n Go is very user-friendly and helps us manage our school more efficiently on a daily basis.
I can't wait to use more of Teach 'n Go's features to continue streamlining Diagonal English's processes and save even more time.

Eva Correa,
Teach 'n Go Administrator at Diagonal English

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