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ALEF Streamlines Its School Management & Communication

ALEF - Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Mutiple locations, Belguim

Arabic Language School

Face to face classes

ALEF needed a centralized and user-friendly system that would allow it to:

Read on to learn how Teach ‘n Go helped ALEF become more efficient and saved them hours of time.

The School

The ALEF (Arabic Language Classes for All) project was founded in 2016 as part of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB).

Based in Belgium, the goal of the project is to help children aged six to 15 learn Arabic and more about Western and intercultural norms.

The program also aims to encourage children to develop positive images of their identity and heritage, while cultivating improved social competencies.

With four teaching locations across Belguim, ALEF currently works with approximately 900 students.

These pupils are supported by teachers who work closely with academic experts in linguistics and second language acquisition.

The Challenge

The administrators at ALEF had been managing the school’s day-to-day processes manually through Excel spreadsheets.

As more students joined the school, keeping track of student and attendance data became increasingly challenging.

ALEF’s administrators also had to refer to multiple spreadsheets to find the data they needed, which became time-consuming and difficult to keep organized.

Due to the limited functionality of these spreadsheets, the staff at ALEF couldn’t gain oversight across the school or identify any trends in their enrollment or attendance data.

Whenever teachers needed to update parents or let them know about an event, the information would be written in the students’ notebooks.

The students then needed to inform their parents of these messages.

Despite ALEF’s best efforts, this process was prone to mistakes.

Not only did students often forget to inform their parents about the message, but sometimes, the communication would become lost or overlooked.

The Solution

When ALEF started expanding, the administrators soon realized that they needed to find a more efficient system to manage their daily operations.

After looking at other products on the market, ALEF decided that Teach ‘n Go would be the ideal solution for its needs.

Using Teach ‘n Go has allowed ALEF to enjoy a more smoothly run school, improved communication with parents, and keep track of its data more efficiently.

Our school was growing quickly and it became almost impossible for me to manage all of our processes manually.
Teach ‘n Go is simple to use and solved all of the problems we were having at ALEF. It’s perfect for school administration and our staff were able to get the hang of it very quickly.

Sami Azar,
Coordinator of the ALEF Program

The Results

Efficient Classroom Management

ALEF has started using Teach ‘n Go to collect and store each student’s grades.

At the end of the year, ALEF can use this data to generate accurate reports for parents and the school’s records.

With Teach ‘n Go’s real-time calendars, ALEF’s administrators and teachers have better visibility over scheduling changes, as well as upcoming lessons and events.

These user-friendly calendars are also used to keep track of school holidays and store students’ birthdays.

This allows all of the school's teachers to:

  • Stay up-to-date with the lessons they've done.
  • Know where they should pick up the class next time.

Simple Attendance Tracking

ALEF has also started using Teach ‘n Go to keep track of student attendance.

After this data is collected in just a few clicks, it’s uploaded to Teach ‘n Go and can be accessed anytime the school’s internal staff or teachers may need it.

With all of the attendance data stored in one convenient place, it’s easy for ALEF’s administrators to:

  • Stay up-to-date with the lessons they've done.
  • Know where they should pick up the class next time.

Improved Communication with Parents

Since rolling out Teach ‘n Go, ALEF has said goodbye to using notebooks for communicating with parents.

Instead, teachers and administrators are able to leave notes and comments for parents to access within the system.

Not only does this keep parents up to date with what’s happening in their children’s classes, but it also ensures that they are informed about school events well in advance.

Thanks to how secure Teach ‘n Go is, ALEF’s staff can also upload images of students onto the system for parents to access and download.

We can’t upload photos of our students to social media because of privacy issues. However, we know that Teach ‘n Go is secure so we upload images of our students to the system for parents. This is a nice way for us to keep parents updated with what their children are doing in class while keeping them safe online.

Sami Azar,
Coordinator of the ALEF Program

Improved Communication with Parents

Using Teach ‘n Go was also extremely valuable when ALEF delivered its classes remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Although the school would email parents links to its virtual classes, these messages would often get lost or become difficult to find.

To solve these issues, ALEF’s administrators would put the links to its classes in Teach ‘n Go’s comment section.

This ensured that:

Looking Ahead

In the future, ALEF is hoping to make use of Teach ‘n Go’s library feature.

This will allow the school to distribute its learning materials more effectively if students request online lessons.

To make its processes even more efficient in the future, ALEF would also like to have prospective students enroll in its lessons directly from Teach ‘n Go.

This will ensure that all of this data is stored and managed from a central, convenient place.

I really appreciate how hard the Teach ‘n Go team works to find solutions to any of the problems we have.
They’ve also been very willing to help tailor the system to our needs and have added Arabic, French and Dutch translations for us.
I’m also very grateful for how responsive the Teach ‘n Go team is whenever we contact them with questions.

Sami Azar,
Coordinator of the ALEF Program

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