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We take care of scheduling, communication and billing, so
you can deliver an excellent experience to your students.

Haris Petrasitis

Haris Petrasitis

From students’ attendance to invoicing, everything is kept in one place, accessible anywhere and any time.

Natalie Masrujeh

Natalie Masrujeh

Tasks which take 5-10 minutes on paper or excel, only take a few seconds on Teach 'n Go, saving you loads of time.

Sergiy Domanitskiy

Sergiy Domanitskiy

Our student/parent portal and automated emails/sms, give you a professional edge which keeps people coming back.

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Trainers, tutors and teaching business owners spend about 20 hours a month doing administration. That's 20 hours that they could have spent teaching.

We created Teach 'n Go with one goal in mind; "Minimize the time spent on administration, and maximize the time spent teaching". After all, that's what you do best!

When I managed my own training business back in 2006 to 2012, I used Excel to keep student records, Google Calendar to schedule lessons, email to communicate with parents and paper receipts to record payments. As my business grew and I hired more teachers, even keeping track of attendance became a burden. A ton of mistakes were being made, and I was losing control.

Our students weren't happy and neither were we.

So I looked for a better solution.

Unfortunately, all student management software on the market was way more than my small business needed; or could afford.

Outdated, overpriced or just too complicated to use, all of the student management systems I tried were just overwhelming.

That's why we created Teach 'n Go.

Teach 'n Go is a simple school administration system that helps small training businesses manage their course schedule, student and teacher information and even automates billing.

The beautifully designed portals for teachers, parents, and students improve communication and collaboration.

They make you look like a pro, and your customers will love it.

We focused on what small teaching businesses need, and left out all the clutter and complexity.

Teach 'n Go is the product that I wish existed back in 2006, when I was starting my own training business.

I'm proud to say that today, people from 30+ countries agree that Teach 'n Go is the best student management tool on the market.

It would greatly honor us if you gave Teach 'n Go a try today. It's free while we're in beta, and our Support Heroes would be more than happy to help you get started.

Haris Petrasitis
Co-founder and CEO
Teach 'n Go

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